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Rajkot Zone Activities - Regional Structured Meeting at Bhavnagar on 22.08.2023

The Regional structure meeting between AIBOBOA and Bank Management of Bhavnagar region was conducted on 22.08.2023.

Team AIBOBOA proposed a 16 point agenda which was discussed in detail with the management in the meeting.

The structure meeting was attended by Mr Mahendra Popat- Zonal Secretary, Mr.Hardik Oza - Zonal President, Mr.Pankaj Joshi- Regional President, Mr. Sanjay Bhatt - Regional Secretary, Ms.Neha Kumari - Zonal Committee Member from AIBOBOA and Mr. Rajesh Bhaker- Regional Manager, Mr. Sanoj Kumar - Dy. Regional Manager and Ms. Anjani kumari- Manager HRM from Management side.

Almost all the issues are resolved amicably during the structured Meeting and meeting is concluded with a very positive note.

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