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The 12th of September 1964 etches itself into the annals of the banking industry's trade union movements, gleaming in golden letters. On this auspicious day, a group of impassioned officers from the Bank of Baroda united under the banner of the All India Bank of Baroda Officers Association (AIBOBOA), dedicated to safeguarding the rights of officers within the bank.

In its six dynamic decades advocating for officers, AIBOBOA has traversed a path laden with challenges, emerging as a cohesive force that mirrors the wisdom of its leadership and a clear sense of purpose for its members. This success positions the Association to embark on its 61st year, starting September 12, 2024, as the sole entity officially recognized by the management to champion issues concerning Bank of Baroda officers.

AIBOBOA demonstrated foresight in adopting its proactive philosophy, "GROW WITH THE BANK," a distinctive approach compared to other unions often inclined towards militant trade unionism. Balancing the protection of its members' interests with a fervent commitment to the bank's business development, this unique philosophy, coupled with accolades from successive bank managements, has elevated the Association to widespread recognition and respect within the entire banking industry.

Under the leadership of Shri K.C. Chokshi and the late Sh. K.K. Nair, former General Secretaries, AIBOBOA underwent a transformative phase, shaping its structure and ideology. Their contributions during the pre and post-nationalization era set a precedent for successful negotiated settlements. The pivotal roles played by Shri Chokshi and Sh. Nair in organizing officers on trade union lines, strategizing during turbulent times, and securing the esteem and fortune of its members, have earned a special place in the Association's history.

With a membership of 23,923 (Scale 1, 2, 3) and an additional 1,300+ (Scale 4) as of February 1, 2024, the All India Bank of Baroda Officers' Association stands as the singular, collective, and constructive body of officers committed primarily to the bank's progress and prosperity, as well as the welfare of its members. The illustrious six decades of history reflect an unwavering dedication to members with a constructive approach, influencing the bank's business growth and the interests of its stakeholders.

Under the current leadership of Mr. R.K. Chatterjee, President, and Mr. Prem Kumar Makker, General Secretary, the legacy of esteemed veterans is continued. Their leadership has maintained strong connections with members, negotiating some of the best service conditions within Bank of Baroda compared to other PSBs. Recognized as the sole bargaining body, our association enjoys consultative status in crucial HR policy matters and is represented on the bank's board, with our General Secretary and President having served on the board recently.

Conscious of our responsibility, we groom young members for future leadership roles at central, zonal, and regional levels. Our outreach to primary members is evident through our visible and accessible activities. Mindful of our duty, we consistently address and resolve genuine grievances, injustices, and hardships faced by officers, presenting these concerns to the management with sincerity to enhance our service and working conditions.

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