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12th September 1964 will be engraved in the history of trade union movements in banking industry in golden letters.  It was on that auspicious day, a few fire-brand officers in Bank of Baroda came together under the banner of All India Bank of Baroda Officers Association (AIBOBOA), for protecting the rights of Officers in Bank of Baroda. 


In its five decades of  vibrant existence for the officers' cause, AIBOBOA has treaded a path filled with thorns of challenges and yet has emerged as a united force, exemplifying the sagacity of its leadership with sense of purpose for its members. This success has led the Association, to enter into its 59th year on 12th September 2022 as the sole body recognized by the management to represent issues concerning officers in the Bank. AIBOBOA had the foresight to evolve and espouse its distinct proactive philosophy of “GROW WITH THE BANK”. When many other trade unions were only painted in the militant mould of trade unionism, Association pursued its dual purpose of assiduously protecting the interests of its members and, at the same time, zealously working for the business development of the Bank. This unique philosophy of the Association coupled with its laurels from successive Bank managements has gone far for our involvement and contribution to the Bank's growth. The Association has been widely recognized and respected in the whole banking industry.


Our Association attained a totally different structure and ideology under Shri K.C. Chokshi & Late Sh. K.K.Nair its former General Secretaries whose contributions in the pre and post nationalisation era are lessons in successfully reaching at negotiated settlements. The stellar role played by Shri Chokshi & Sh. Nair in organizing officers on trade union lines, drawing the strategies and implementing the same in the times of turmoil resulting in the high esteem of its members and turning around their fortunes in many ways, will find a special place in the history of our Association.


All India Bank of Baroda Officers' Association with a membership of 24055 (Scale 1,2,3) and another 1300+ (Scale 4) as at 01.06.2023 is the sole, collective and constructive Body of officers wedded primarily to its avowed objectives of progress and prosperity of the Bank and welfare of its members. Its five decades of illustrious history is a brilliant record of unhindered service to its members with constructive approach aiming at wider issues confronting the Bank. This has rendered a deep and unparalleled impact on the Bank's Business Growth and its stake holders’ interests.


The present leadership of Mr. R.K.Chatterjee, President and Mr. Prem Kumar Makker, General Secretary,  taking the legacy of our great veterans forward has been at the forefront in keeping connect with members and simultaneously negotiating one of the best set of service conditions in BOB amongst PSBs. Our Association due to majority status has been recognised by bank thus the sole bargaining body for officers in Bank of Baroda, so enjoys the consultative status in HR policy issues like Promotion Policy, Transfer Policy and Staff Accountability policy etc. Our representative will be on Bank’s Board. Our General Secretary and President were on the Board of the Bank in the recent past. 

We are providing opportunity to youngsters by grooming them to accept responsibility as future leaders at Central/Zonal and Regional level. Youngsters now represent our Central Committee, Zonal Committee and Regional Committees. Well connected with primary members, we are visible with our activities and accessible to members.

We are conscious of our responsibility and have always taken up and got redressed genuine grievances of officers and their constraints/hardships, issues relating to injustice, discrimination, denial of rightful entitlements, denial of leave with management seeking its timely redressal. We have always been pursuing and presenting before management with all sincerity to secure improvement in our service conditions/working  conditions.


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