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AIBOBOA (All India Bank of Baroda Officers’ Association) had launched “ESCORT” scheme in the year 1995 and has been extending financial help to the bereaved families of officers who die in harness.


In this scheme, in case of unfortunate death in harness of any Officer (Scale I to Scale VIII), who is member of this scheme, his / her family will get a lumpsum amount of financial assistance (currently comes to little less than Rs. 13.00 Lac which is collected as a part of salary deductions from all the   members @ Rs.50/- per death (25914 members as on 04.06.2023) who have volunteered to become its members.


This scheme is Voluntary and available to all officers, irrespective of their membership of any Officers’ Association/Non Members. Even GMs and CGMs can join this scheme. This scheme is administered by  the bank. 


Access has been allowed to officers of e-Vijaya Bank and e-Dena Bank who are desirous of joining the scheme “ESCORT” They can exercise online option in HRMS/HRnes as explained above.


We extend our hearty thanks to Management for facilitating efficient running of this scheme. Bank ensures deduction of contribution from salary on quarterly/halfyearly basis, for the members died during the quarter/halfyear, e.g. in case of 5 (five) deaths in a quarter, Bank will debit Rs. 250/- (Rs 50 x 5) from salary of each member and will provide eligible amount to the bereaved family.


We are seriously concerned on the recent untimely and premature death of our many young officer colleagues, and we could not extend financial assistance to the bereaved family under the scheme because they were not members of “ESCORT”


We make an appeal to all of you to join ESCORT with a noble spirit of “BOB FRATERNITY” to help bereaved families of our colleagues.

To become a member of the scheme PLEASE FOLLOW THE WORK FLOW AS GIVEN BELOW.

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