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Gandhinagar Gift City Activities - Election held to elect new Zonal Committee

The elections for electing Zonal Committee Members were held in Gandhinagar Gift City under the Chief Returning officer Mr. Sumit Kumar, Chief Manager.

Vide notice of Chief Returning Officer nominations were invited from the membership as per the association constitution and its prevailing rules. Ten (10) Nominations were received from the members by 02nd Apr 2023 and found to be in order.

Consequent upon withdrawal of nomination by one candidate on 05th Apr 2023 (Last date of withdrawal of the nomination) in support of the Penal nomination lead by Shri Naresh K Kaushik the following candidates are left in the contest for the election of Zonal Committee AIBOBOA NSSC GIFT CITY for the maximum -09- ZCM Posts.

Mr. Naresh K Kaushik, Mr. Nitin Kandpal, Mr. Darpan, Mr. Sumeet Khandelwal , Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Mr. Rohit Kumar, Mr. Hemant Tripathi, Mr. Manmohan Kaintura, Mr. Sunny Kanojia

Since the number of candidates left were equal to the number of the maximum positions in ZCM as per the election notice. the Chief Returning Officer declared that all the candidates mentioned above stand elected to the Zonal committee of AIBOBOA NSSC GIFT CITY UNIT unanimously.

Heartiest congratulations to all the members of NSSC GIFT CITY for their active participation during the entire election process of nominations, campaigning and electing their Zonal Committee representatives unanimously in the true spirits and ethos of the Association. Best wishes to all the elected Zonal committee members of AIBOBOA NSSC GIFT CITY.

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