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Felicitations to GS on reaching Delhi after signing historical MoU on Wage Settlement.

Team, INBOC Delhi State and Team AIBOBOA New Delhi Zone led by Mr. Purshottam Verma, DGS INBOS & ZS AIBOBOA felicitated Sh. Prem Kumar Makker, GS INBOC & GS AIBOBOA on his arrival at Delhi on 08.12.2023 after signing a historical MoU on wage setllement for Bank Employees/Officers at Mumbai on 07.12.2023.

Sh. Makker while addreesing the partcipants in a jam packed KK Nair Learning Centre said that this is a historical settlement, negotiated in such a short time with the following understandings: 17% increase in payslip cost, additional loading of 3% after merger of DA, improvement in pension for all pensioners from 1986 including retirees under proposed 12th BPS. 5 days banking has been recommended to govt for favorable consideration and will be expedited.

He Congratulationed all the workforce and said that It is all due to the unity of bank employees and officers under the banner of UFBU.

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