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Chandigarh Zone Activities - Diamond Jubilee / Foundation Day Celebrations

Diamond jubilee celebrations of AIBOBOA in Chandigarh Zone led by Mr. Rohit Kapoor Zonal Secretary witnessed sweets distribution and cake cutting in all seven regional offices of the zone on 12.09.2023.

In Zonal Office Chandigarh- Zonal Head Shri Vimal Negi, NDGM- Shri Rajesh Sharma, AGM- HR and all zonal office officers joined the celebrations with cake cutting and exchange of pleasant greetings.

In the evening- an informal meeting over dinner with committee members from zonal office Chandigarh and different geography of Chandigarh region was held in Chandigarh center.

More pictures glorifying the 60th foundation day from regional offices Jalandhar and Chandigarh.

RO Karnal in diamond jubilee celebrations of AIBOBOA yesterday (12.09.2023)

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