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Bengaluru Zone Activities - Zonal Structured Meeting at Bengaluru held on 09.10.2023

The Zonal structure meeting between AIBOBOA and Bank Management of Bengaluru Zone was conducted at Zonal Office Bengaluru on 09.10.2023

The Zonal structure meeting was attended by GM Mr. Debabrata Das, DZH Mr. Vivek Kumar Choudhary and NDGM Mr. Manas Ranjan Mishra along with Zonal HRM.

The Association was represented by Mr Vijay Kumar Reddy Zonal Secretary, Mr. Sachin Zonal President, Mr Prashanth Zonal Treasurer, Mr. Ram Bhupal Reddy Regional Secretary Blore Central Region, Mr. Parashu govind Regional Secretary Mysuru Region, Mr.Thusith Narayan Regional Secretary Mandya Region, Mr.Meher.S- Regional Secretary Blore North Region, Mr.Lakshmipathy Regional Secretary Blore Rural Region, Mr.Prathap Regional Secetary Blore South Region from AIBOBOA.

We proposed 26 points agenda which was discussed in detail with the management in the meeting and management assured us to resolve the issues case to case discussed in the meeting soon.

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