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AIGBOC & AIGBEC Activities-14th BIENNIAL CONFERENCE – Calicut, Kerala

The 14th biennial conference of All India Gramin Bank Officers' Congress (AIGBOC) and All India Gramin Bank Employees' Congress {AIGBEC) affiliated to INBOC/INBEF was held Calicut on 27th and 28th May 2023. Hundreds of delegates from all over India gathered at S.K. Pottekad hall and rededicated themselves to strengthen the organizational setup of the unions.

Shri. R.K.Chatterjee, President INBOC & President AIBOBOA while addressing the delegates stressed on the need to strengthen the unions at grass root level. he exhorted all officers to speak against the injustice and instances of disturbing work life balance of officers. He also opposed the move of Govt to privatise Public Sector Banks.

The other dignitaries who graces the occasion included Sh. M. K. Raghavan MP, Shri. R. C. Kunthia President AIGBOC, Shri. R. Chandrasekharan, President, INTUC, Kerala, Shri. O. P. Sharma General Secretary INBEF, Shri. K. Anandan Nair working president NLIEA, and Soni Prakash, GS, AIGBOC.

The house unanimously elected Sri.R.C. Khuntia Ex. MP as president of AIGBEC and AIGBOC, Shri K. Rajeev as GS of AIGBBEC and Prakash Soni as GS of AIGBOC

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