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AIBOBOA Foundation Day 12.09.2022 Greetings from President & General Secretary.

HEARTY GREETINGS TO ALL OUR PAST & PRESENT MEMBERS on the occasion of 59th Foundation Day of our organization (12th September) which is being celebrated through out the country by our units by holding GBMs, Officers' Get Togethers, Picnics, holding Community services in various forms.

It was on this auspicious day in the year 1964, that a few fire brand officers came together to be united under the banner of All India Bank Of Baroda Officers’ Association, which presently has more than 24000 membership. The membership of our flagship scheme ESCORT has also reached 22685, and consequently contributing to the bereaved family a sum of more than Rs.11 lacs. Our then leaders had the foresight to evolve and espouse its unique philosophy of “GROW WITH THE BANK” and following that we have been nurturing unique characteristic of channelizing our energy and resources to protect the interest of our Members, and simultaneously, zealously working for the Business Development of the Bank.

The stellar role played by our founder General Secretary Late Sh. K.C. Choksy and the last General Secretary Late Sh. K.K.Nair in nurturing and raising the organization on a very sound footing will ever remain enshrined in the annals of AIBOBOA, sole organisation recognized by the Management to represent Officers community in our Bank. Friends, let us celebrate this auspicious day and at the same time rededicate ourselves and put in our best efforts to excel in all business parameters and maintain our Bank's glorious position.

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