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Regional Structure Meeting of WEST DELHI REGION conducted on 27-09-2023

Regional Structure Meeting of WEST DELHI REGION was conducted on 27-09-2023 which was graced by Regional Head Shri Shankar Kumar Jha & DRM Sh. Kamal Kishore Kudia, HR Head Sh. Rakesh Kumar Walia, with team from management side and Zonal Secretary Sh. Purshottam Verma, Zonal President, Sh. Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Regional Secretary Mr. Shashank Singh, Regional President Mr. Aditya Kumar, Deputy Regional Secretaries, Regional Committee Members from our Association side attended the meeting.

In inaugural speech our Regional Head showed his concern for Staff to be physically and mentally Healthy and happy and work hard for mother institution passionately. He explained the region’s growth position in ongoing first half year & emphasized to work with more enthusiasm, particularly those branches, which are still below the March-2023 figures in different parameters. Being most of the branches are located in high potential residential areas and are having good portfolio of CASA too, still there is concern on front of CASA Growth in some branches.

Being the majority & responsible association, giving the priority to work life balance of the Officers Community, we discussed on the Agenda submitted to management focusing upon the several issues being faced by the officers’ community. Zonal Secretary discussed all the points mentioned in our agenda in detail.

The Regional Management assured to resolve the issues at their levels and for issues pertaining to other offices will be taken up by regional management for amicable resolution at the earliest.

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