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Felicitation of Old Stalwarts of Canara Bank at KK Nair Learning Centre New Delhi on 22.05.2023

Old Stalwarts of Canara Bank have been greeted and felicitated on 22th May 2023 at K K Nair Learning Centre New Delhi to recognise their services to the Banking fraternity.

Mr B.S Gill Former All India President of Federation of Canara Bank Employees Congress along with other old stalwarts Mr. Prem ji, Mr. Nakul Kohli, Mr. Tarsem Mallick, Mr. Sudhir Gupta and Mr. V.C Jain joined the event.

Mr. C.R.Kansal, Senior Vice President, INBOC, recollected old memories during discussions and greeted all the old stalwarts and presented them momentos on behalf of INBOC and AIBOBOA.

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1 Comment

Feeling ecstatic as well as nostalgiac❤️‍🔥

Rather Mr Kansal himself had been a stalwart while he was in Canara Bank.

Never considered himself a leader.

Always tried to be a friend, guide & mentor.

Am happy & grateful having worked with him for a considerable time. Thank you Kansal Ji🙏

For still considering us a part of your innate coterie.

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