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Ernakulam Activities - Grand General Body Meeting on 05.03.2023

Team Ernakulam led by Mr. LBN Prabhu, Zonal Secretary, have organized a grand General Body Meeting at Ernakulam on Sunday, 5th March, 2023 attended by about 320 members of which 50% were Ladies. Members travelled Upto 6 and 7 hours.

All India President Sh. R. K. Chatterjee and General Secretary Sh Prem Kumar while addressing the GBM complimented all participants specially youngsters and ladies for attending the meeting in large numbers.

Tremendous response and palpable enthusiasm witnessed on the faces of members who came from far off places to attend the meeting. The presence of large number of youngsters and particularly predominance of Lady officers all in celebration mood has made the occasion a festive worth enjoying. Compliments and all the appreciation for ERNAKULAM Unit👏👏

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