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Chandigarh Zone - GBM for Ludhiana Region on 25.02.2023.

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Team Chandigarh led by Mr. Rohit Kapoor, Zonal Secretary have conducted General Body Meeting today on 25.02.2023 successfully on zoom platform for Ludhiana region. Around 100 officers participated.

Regional Manager Ludhiana Mr. Taranajeet Šïñgh also attended and highlighted the positive role played by AIBOBOA in officers life.

Mr. Rohit Kapoor, ZS in his address covered compliance, health, right to disconnect, whistle blowing, restoring dignity of labour at workplaces. He also shared highlights on charter of demands- 5 days banking and updates on IZT as received from our GS. All the issues concerning officers were deliberated at length.

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