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Visit of Bro. Rajendra Acharya, Regional Secretary UNI Global Asia & Pacific to AIBOBOA Delhi Office

We are honoured with the gracious visit of Bro. Rajendra Kumar Acharya, Regional Secretary UNI Global Asia & Pacific to Delhi Office of All India Bank of Baroda Officers' Association on 22nd September, 2022. He was welcomed with a flower bouquet by Sh. Prem Kumar Makker, General Secretary.

UNI Global Union, an international body having head office at Geneva is a leader in the global push to turn the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights into a reality for working people, especially the fundamental rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.

He also had a round of K.K.Nair Learning Centre and was apprised about various training programmes, workshops being held for the benefit of officer Fraternity.

Sh. Acharya held discussions with our General Secretary, Makker ji and other office Bearers on various organisational matters. He applauded the visibility of Association on various Social / digital Platforms. He was also explained the role of INBOC affiliated units in all banks including AIBOBOA in Bank of Baroda, in protecting rights of Officers' Fraternity. Sh. Acharya emphasised to involve more and more youth and Ladies in Association Activities and offered to conduct grooming programmes for them in coordination with UNI.

Our GS took up the matter with him for giving UNI membership to our parent Organisation INBOC also for which he advised to submit application and assured to move it further with his recommendations.

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