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Panel Discussion organised by ILO - INBOC represented by Mr. C.R.Kansal, Sr, Vice President.

On 5 December 2023, the ILO's Social Finance Programme and the Sectoral Policies Department organized the webinar "How can fast-paced digitalization be sustainable in the financial sector? - Exploring good practices to promote decent work".

During this webinar, ILO unveiled and discussed the global research and survey findings, fostering meaningful engagement among key financial sector stakeholders such as financial service providers, policymakers, employers' organizations, industry associations and financial sector unions.

Speakers: Craig Churchill (ILO), Bhavana Srivastava (Finvalue Advisors), C.R. Kansal (Indian National Bank Officers' Congress), Claudia Kolonas (Pluang Indonesia) and Dr Jens T. Thau (Employer's Association of Germany's Private Banking Industry). Moderators: Margherita Licata and Valerie Breda (ILO).

Please Click Here - to view the webinar.

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Hats off ! Kansal Ji👌

You still have the same flair & enthusiasm you had 20-30 years ago. My Grand Salute🙏

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