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Bhopal Zone Activities-Regional Structured Meeting for Durg RO between Team AIBOBOA & RO Management

Regional Structured Meeting was held on 11.11.2022 at Durg between AIBOBOA and RO Management to discuss issues concerning officers.

Regional Office Team was represented by Mr. Arvind Katkar, RM Durg, Mr. Siddharth Verma, DRM Durg and official from HR Deptt. AIBOBOA was represented by Mr. Vinod Singh Negi, ZS Bhopal zone, Mr. Baljeet singh, joint secretary, Mr. Ramesh Naidu ,CCM, Mr. Mahendra Dewangan, ZCM, Mr. Pravin Sahu, RS Durg, Mr. Vishwas Massey, President, Mr. Prashant Gartia, VP, Mr. Himanshu Malik, DRS. Various issues concerning officers were discussed to its logical conclusion.

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